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National Flag
National Flag of Brazil
National Flower
National Flower of Brazil
National Animal
National Animal of Brazil


Capital Brasilia
Area sq km 8,514,879
Population 196.7m (Census 2012)
Currency Real
Languages Portuguese
National Day September 07
National Flower Lpe-Amarelo
National Tree Brazilwood
National Bird Rufous-bellied Thrush
National Animal Jaguar
National Sport Capoeira/Football(most popular)
Location South America
Government Federative republic
Climate Tropical to subtropical; hot and humid all year; northeast long dry season; south more rain and moderate temperatures
Export Items Soy Beans, Coffee, Footwear, Transport Equipments, Vehicles, Iron Ore
Import Items Machinery, Electrical and Transport Equipments, Chemical Products, Oil, Automotive Parts, Electronics