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National Flag
National Flag of China
National Flower
National Flower of China
National Animal
National Animal of China

People's Republic of China

Capital Beijing
Area sq km 9,584,492
Population 1,332.1m (Census 2012)
Currency Yuan, HK dollar
Languages Mandarin, Hsiang , Regional lang
National Day October 01
National Flower Tree Peony
National Tree Ginkgo
National Bird Red-crowned Crane
National Animal Giant Panda
National Sport Table Tenis
Location East Asia
Government Communist state
Climate Mostly continental; cold, dry winters and warm summers, with heavy rains along coast
Export Items Electrical items , Machinery items , Data processing equipments, Apparel, Textiles, Iron and steel, Optical and medical equipments, Toys, Footware, Fancy goods
Import Items Electrical and other machinery, Oil , Mineral fuel, Optical and Medical equipments, Metal ores, Plastics, Organic chemicals