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National Flag
National Flag of United State of America
National Flower
National Flower of United State of America
National Animal
National Animal of United State of America

United State of America-USA

Capital Washington DC
Area sq km 9,826,635
Population 313.10m (Census 2012)
Currency US dollar
Languages English, Spanish
National Day July 04
National Flower Rose
National Tree Oak
National Bird Bald Eagle
National Animal Bald Eagle
National Sport Baseball
Location North America
Government Federal republic, Constitutional republic, Presidential system
Climate Humid subtropical; southwest hot desert, southeast warm to hot, humid, subtropical
Export Items Capital goods, Industrial supplies and materials, Consumer goods, Automotive vehicles and components, Food items, Beverages, Fuel oil and petroleum products, Aircraft and components
Import Items Consumer goods , Capital goods, Industrial supplies, Crude oil, Automotive vehicles and components, Computers and accessories, Food, Beverages