Essay on A Cold Winter Night

This winter, I experienced the coldest night of the season. It was six in the evening and cold winds were blowing strongly outside. The water was icy cold, and made my fingers numb.

We all decided to stay inside the house. As the night grew it became colder. We wrapped ourselves in warm clothes and set in front of the fire. I was wearing three pullovers, but was still shivering with cold.
My mother made hot tomato soup for us. It was great to have the hot soup, as it made me feel warm. Around nine at night, it started snowing heavily. Looking outside the window, I saw snowflakes falling on everything. It made me shiver with cold all the more. I could hear the strong icy wind blowing outside. When i felt scared, my mother held me tightly. In her arms, I felt warm and soon dozed off to sleep.

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