Essay on A Day Without Mother at Home

This is the harvesting season. My mother who saw that my father was harvesting in the paddy field alone, went to help him. I and my youngest sister remain at home some fear. Our mother gets up early in the morning, prepares our breakfast which is rice, and goes to the paddy field with our father. They re in the paddy field even before the down. I saw my parents were very much tired as they had to do a lot of work in the paddy field. But they did not think of the fatigue or hot sun. Instead, they were working. Because of the changes in her life style, my mother seemed to have fallen ill. She once told father that her body was paining and she appeared to have caught fever.

My father aid he could do the work in the field alone without her help and asked her to stay at home and look after us. With reluctance she agreed and stayed at home. But, unfortunately, even that time she had got a fever and was unable to even cook. She said she was ill.

Father took immediate action. He took her, one day, to hospital to get treatment for her aliment. But I saw in the afternoon that only my father was coming Jump to home. He told us that our mother had been admitted to the hospital as the doctor wanted her to that indoor treatment. I and my sister became very sad. So was our father.

It was very difficult for all three of us to spend that night without our dear mother. A household without a mother is not a household. My sister went to the kitchen and tried to some work. I also went and tried to help her. But everything was in a real mess. We could not do anything without our dear mother.

The following day both I and my sister went school. That day I did not even go to the playground. I was thoroughly disappointed. After school hours, I came home with sorrow and anger.

Thanks god! My dear mother had come home. Father was happy, my sister was happy and I was very much happy. My mother had completely got cored.

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