Essay on A Motor Race

The race was due to begin at 3.30 p.m. A Large crowd gathered. All of them were anxiously awaiting the moment. The cars were wheeled out to take up their positions. Suddenly a loud cheer cloud is heard. It was a splendid matter to see so many racing cars in a variety of colors in one place. People began to clap when the former champion entered the scene. He was one peter alexander.

At 3.30 Sharp a pistol shot was heard. It was followed by b a roar of engines. The race had begun. The cars which looked like a fleet of wingless airplanes were fighting with each other for the first place.

A few minutes passed. A small red car driven by a handsome young man could be seen in front of all others. Another car with red and blue stripes was following close behind. But it didn’t seem of many challenges to the man in front.

But all of a sudden the second car took the lead. The driver of the red car seemed to have not lost faith either. All other cars could be seen running far behind.

The forerunner was moving at a tremendous speed. Now there seemed a little chance for it’s a follower to catch up. The race was nearing its end.

The crowd was looking anxiously with gasps of surprise. And the man at the wheel of the striped car won the race.

Speech on: A Motor Race

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