Rain is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes we like rain but sometimes we do not like them.

Last week I went to my uncle’s house in Green Park. There was no wind. It was a pleasant day. It was not very hot. All of a sudden, it becomes dark. Clouds appeared in the sky. As I got on the bus, it started raining. It was a very heavy downpour. Soon the roads were flooded. Traffic came to a standstill.

I got down from the bus. Soon I was fully drenched. There was water everywhere. It started entering the low lying shops. Benches and chairs began to float in the water. The people started running to protect themselves from the rain. The people inside the buses too got wet.

It rained continuously for two hours. All activities came to a standstill. The rain caused water logging everywhere. The roads were damaged due to the heavy and continuous rain.

Speech on: A Rainy Day

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