Essay on A Scene at a Railway Station

A railway station is a very busy place. Yesterday I went to the New Delhi Railway Station to receive my uncle. I went by bus. There was a great rush outside the railway station.

Taxis, buses, and scooters were parked outside. There were people of all ages outside the ticket window. There were long queues. I bought a platform ticket and went inside.

A large number of men, women, and children were waiting for the train. Some were sitting on the benches. There was an announcement. The train was late by one hour. It was difficult to pass the time.

I went to the tea stall and had a cup of tea. Then I went to the bookstall. I bought a magazine. Other people were also buying books and magazines. Then I took a round of the platform.

The coolies were moving about carrying luggage on their heads.
The train arrived. The passengers rushed to board the train. Many passengers came out of the compartment.

I received my uncle. We went home with an auto-rickshaw.

Speech on: A Scene at a Railway Station

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