We see street hawkers every day. Street hawkers are found in every city. A street hawker carries his things on his head. Some street hawkers carry their wares on a cycle or a hand-cart.

A street hawker sells things like vegetables, fruit, ice-cream, candies, eatables, sweets and various things of daily use. He goes from one street to another to sell his wares.

He shouts in the street in an interesting tone. Some street hawkers ring bells, some make strange sounds and some sing songs to attract the attention of the customers.

The customers of a street hawker are generally housewives and children. The housewives buy vegetables and fruit from him. The children buy ice-cream, toys, sweets, and candies.

A street hawker has no fixed price. People bargain with him before buying things. Some street hawkers are not clean. They do not cover their eatables from dust and flies. We should not buy eatables from such street hawkers.

Speech on: A Street Hawker

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