I live in a small town near Longford in London. Last Sunday, my father had to go to the Heathrow airport to receive his uncle. He took me along. I had never seen an airport before, so I was very excited to go with him.

We reached there in the afternoon. The entire place was buzzing with people. Outside the airport, there were cars and taxis. People were rushing around with huge suitcases and bags. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry!

I could hear loud roaring sound coming from the sky. My father explained to me that the sound was due to the landing and takeoff of the airplanes.

As we entered the airport, it seemed like a different world. I almost screamed with excitement when my father showed me huge planes near the runway. I wanted to sit in one of those big planes.

My father assured me that one day we will definitely fly to another city in one of those airplanes.

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