My elder brother is a forest officer. Last week, he took me with him to the forest. I was thrilled and excited, as it was the first time that I was going to the forest. He had told me stories about various animals. I hoped to see some of them.

It was early in the morning when we started for the forest.
Inside the forest, there was very little sunlight. I was excited yet scared. It was very quiet. My brother told me not to make any noise. I sat quietly next to him. After driving through the forest for half an hour, my brother suddenly stopped the jeep. He told me to look to my left. There in the bushes I could see a herd of deer. I was overjoyed.

I wanted to go near them. But my brother said that they would get scared and run away. He also said that it was not safe to get off the jeep. we also saw an elephant, a peacock, a litter of cubs and some fluffy little rabbits.

An hour later, we came back to our house. I was so happy that I gave my brother a tight hug.

Speech on A Visit to the Forest

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