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Bell was born in Scotland on March 3, 1847. He was brought up in Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of 25, Bell opened a school in Boston to educate dumb and deaf people. In his spare time, he worked on the instruments which could be useful to the deaf. Although he could not succeed in the development of such instruments, on the basis of these experiments he was able to invent the telephone.

While he was doing some experiments in improving the telegraph, before the invention of the telephone, he met Thomas Watson, an expert in the field of telegraphy. They became friendly with each other, and Watson proved of great help to Bell. Ultimately Graham Bell developed the telephone on 2nd June 1875, with the help of Watson.

After making a successful telephone instrument, Bell demonstrated its performance in many countries.

In August 1877, bell got married and the couple went for a honeymoon with a telephone set. One week after coming back from the honeymoon, a telephone was installed in the gallery of the House of Commons. From this place, a part of the parliamentary proceedings was transmitted to an office of a newspaper.

The first permanent telephone line was laid in Berlin in November 1877. In 1878 When Bell came Jump to the U.S.A. he found that telephone exchanges were being set up there. Many improvements were made in the working of the telephone by Thomas Alva Edison.

By 1915, telephone system had advanced to the extent that a 3400 miles long line was laid under the sea. Bell was invited from New York to inaugurate this line. Bell asked at the time of inauguration that Watson should be at the other end of the line. Bell then repeated the same old words. “Watson come here I need you” and in reply to this, the laughing voice of Watson was heard. “Sir at this time I cannot come to you, because I am so far off from you that it will take me one week to reach you.”

When he died in 1922 at the age of 75, all telephones in the U.S.A. Remained silent that day, for one minute, in the memory of this great scientist.

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