A guest is a person to be honored and respected. But there are a certain type of guests who are unwelcome.

My father has such an unwelcome guest in Mr. Peter. He visits us frequently and always without prior intimation. He knows that my mother is working and we all have to go at 9.30 a.m. My father and mother have to go to their offices. We kids have to go to our school. He always comes to our house almost at the time, when we are locking up the house or have just finished.

As he comes one of us has to stay back and serve him. If mother has casual leave, then she waits. But mostly I have to stay back as I am the eldest. Then he is a very easy going person. He takes his own time in taking bath and getting ready. He has no consideration for others.

Mr. Peter is very fussy about his food. I could never make anything to his satisfaction. He does not like food cooked in our style and goes on giving a running commentary on how badly I have cooked and how I should have cooked, but he eats up all.

He is not at all considerate. He does not bring his own bedding and we have to supply it at great inconvenience to ourselves. He uses our telephone freely. He not only makes local calls but also trunk calls and does not think necessary to pay for them.

He wants my father to take him around his car and when he goes, he expects father to drop him at the station. As long as he is there, the whole routine of the house is upset. We thank God when he leaves.

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