Autobiography of a Tree

I am a mango tree. I live in an orchard. Though I am old, I am still very strong. I have many branches which are always full of green leaves. I also bear fruits. They are very sweet and juicy.

I was very small when I came to the orchard. The gardener has been looking after me since then. He gives me water every day. With time I have become tall and strong. Now I look after him. When he is tired, he comes and rests under my shade. I feel very happy when he takes some mangoes home for his children.

I have many friends in the orchard. Some are old like me. Each of them bears a different type of fruit. Children love us. they come to play in the orchard every evening. They swing from my branches and hide behind my trunk. They love my fruits. I feel really happy to see them playing around me. But when they pull out my leaves just for fun, I feel great pain. I wish their elders could stop them from doing so.

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