Essay on Autobiography of a Dog

I am the fifth child of my parents. My father was Alsatian but my mother was from an ordinary breed. I was born in a hotel kitchen. There I could get the leftovers to eat. Later, on when I grew, I was turned out I became a street dog.

One day I was caught by a boy, who used to take me on joy rides, in his car. He sold me to an Air-Force Officer. I stayed with him for long. He used to take me in aero plane also. Thus, I enjoyed the aerial view over most of the important cities.

When the officer left for a foreign country, he presented me to a friend of his, a businessman. The second master loved pets. He had a number of dogs, cats, birds, hares, tortoises, ponies, etc. he had a big yard for them. He once took me to a dog-show, where I got the second prize. Then he realized my importance, and started taking me in his car to his friends, in the evenings, almost every week.

A lady took a fancy for me. She persuaded the businessman to give me to her, for a good sum. She was a window and her son Jim needed a pet. I lived with them very happily. Jim got an admission recently in a good English School in the U.K. and the lady also went with him. Then bad days started. She left me with the maidservant. She also had to leave me for good, as she had already a big family and did not need me. She left me to be a street dog.

My future is now very uncertain. But I hope to find some good home again. Who knows what is in store for me?

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