Essay on Convincing About Studies

Early in the morning. my father got up, and started calling me. When I woke up, he delivered a full speech, not only on early rising and its good effects on the physique, but also on, how to utilise my morning hours for my studies, which he thought, I was not attending to, though I was pretty well almost in all the subjects.

He cited the examples of Harrison and Mike, two of my classmates, who always used to top in the examinations, and were, according to my father, early risers, and very diligent in their studies. Though my information is that both of them were as ordinary as I was. But luck used to favour them, and they used to get top positions.

I told him that I was attending to my studies as much as I could and he should bless me so that I might also get good marks in the next final examinations. He very reluctanly agreed to spare me as he had to, perhaps, attend to his court duty that day a bit earlier. His senior had called him to the Lawyers-Chamber at 8 a.m. that day.

When my father went to bathroom for a shower bath, I took my bicycle and rushed out. Reaching my friend’s house I jumped into his bed and pulling a blanket over me tried to make good the loss of my shumber, which I had to cut short that day.

Returning home, I asked my mother to tell daddy that I was now grown up and responsible, and not to scold me like a child, for I understand and carry out my job very well and they would not worry for me, in the next examination results.

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