Essay on Effect of Prayer

Our doubts are our traitors’, said Shakespeare. Praying to God is part of all religious practice. Man has invented his God and prayer to get psychic energy when he is in despair. It is a kind of ‘autosuggestion’ and builds courage in us to go through all ordeals in life without giving up. It is a sort of spiritual force, purifies our innerself, thus preparing us to receive our blessings, which are bound to come-A faith healing.

Life is built on hopes and aspirations. Thinking of a Supreme Power beyond all human inadequacies, elevates our mind, gives strength and peace. Scriptures personify the Almighty as an ever watching father who would come to help his children at the time of distress.

Prayer should spring from the heart. It should be made habit. It gives audience to our thoughts and we are linked with the Super Intellect. Fear of death and disease will not hunt us. A philosophic approach towards life will cultivate through prayer. A God fearing person will never become sinful or violent. He will thank God through prayer for all his blessings.

Prayer works wonders. Faith-healing cured many patients miraculously. With prayers, we get the power within us to make our world, our environment just what we want it to be.

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