Essay on A Day in the Life of a Teacher

A teacher works to build our nation. The profession of a teacher is not easy. He works hard as a student. He solves the difficulties of all the students regarding their lessons.

A teacher gets up early in the morning. He prepares his lessons. He plans his lessons with great care. He reaches his school in time. He remains busy the whole day. He teaches many classes. All through the day, he works with his students. He had to attend many periods. He works till evening. He returns home very tired.

He takes a little rest and starts work again. He has to evaluate the answer sheets of the students. Sometimes he brings the note-books of the students to his home. He evaluates the answers of the note-books. At night, the teacher reads his books and prepares new lessons. He sleeps for a few hours. He wakes up again early in the morning and gets ready for school. It is his daily routine.

We respect the teachers because they make us what we want to become in life.

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