I had a holiday last week. So I along with some of my friends went to the Okhla lake. We hired a boat and started rowing. We ate apples and sweets. We all sang songs of joy.

Suddenly, we heard a cry of alarm. We soon rushed to the spot in our boat. We saw that a man was getting drowned in the lake. He was crying for help.

This man was not a good swimmer but he had decided to swim. The water current was swift. He could not swim across the lake. We shouted at the top of our voices. Some people on the other side of the river heard our voices and they jumped into the river.

They were able to catch the man. He was pulled into our boat. We reached the bank. The water was taken out of the man’s belly. Artificial respiration was also given. 

Fortunately, a tragedy was averted. The man was saved.

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