Essay on Christmas

Essay on Christmas

Christmas marks the joyful celebrations of Jesus Christ’s birth anniversary on 25th December. People of all religions enjoy and celebrate Christmas with full zest.

Christmas is one of my favorite festivals. I eagerly wait for it all through the year. We do lots of shopping, markets also wear a festive look with special Christmas cakes, pastries, toys, Christmas trees etc. on sale.

Before my school closes for Christmas vacations, I give gifts and cards to my friends and teachers.

On Christmas Eve, I buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with stars, glitters, Noels, lights, candy sticks. I hang up my stockings on Christmas tree hoping that Santa Claus will leave a nice gift for me, though I know my parents put those lovely gifts inside my stockings when I go off to sleep at night.

On the Christmas day, my parents gift me something special. I also give them gifts that I buy with my pocket money. We visit friends and relatives and exchange gifts with each other. We go to the church to offer prayers and enjoy singing Christmas carols. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

My mother prepares our favorite dishes and lots of pancakes, puddings, pastries, pies for the special Christmas dinner.

With the New Year in offing, Christmas sets in high spirits for the festive mood.

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