Essay on My Uncle won a Lottery

My uncle was a poor clerk. His three children were ill-fed and ill-dressed. It was difficult for him to meet household expenses. He was often frustrated.

 But frustration did not alter his good nature. He was polite, helpful and accommodating. He often took a loan from my father. He was worried about the future and marriages of his children. He strongly condemned the dowry system. He used to calculate the expenses on the marriages and would be satisfied to think that he would get a few lakh rupees from his provident fund.

But one day, fortune smiled on him. He became the proud possessor of a prize-winning lottery ticket. The whole family was overjoyed. My father thanked God for helping his brother. There was a slight delay in the delivery of the prize money. My uncle had been apprehensive about getting it at all. However, the prize money of rupees fifty lakh was paid to him.

My uncle thanked God for the windfall gain and he started fulfilling his wishlist. First of all, he is a man of dignity, cleared all his debts and thanked everyone for helping him in his difficult days. He donated a good portion of the money to an orphanage. He also helped his friend who was going through a financial crisis. He bought a new car and a two-bedroom flat for himself. He kept some money in the bank for some urgent and unforeseen need. He worked even harder to prove himself worthy of the money he got through the lottery. He used the money for good education of his children and he never let them boast about being rich.

He becomes more social and entertained all his friends and relatives with warm greetings. He always remembered his old days and cherished those memories, as a phase of struggle and test by God.

I really look up to him as a man of true values and principles, he never let money corrupt him. He always remained grounded and always practiced his belief that ‘money comes and goes, but friends and your good deeds always remain by your side’. He truly deserved the lottery he won. God has chosen the right person in my uncle to bestow the jackpot.

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