Essay on School Picnic

Last month our class teacher took us for a picnic. It was a lovely experience.

We went to a garden near our school. We were asked to carry some food. Some of us carried fruits, some carried cakes, and some carried snacks. We also took along bats, balls, and other games.

In the morning, we boarded our school bus and left for the rock garden. Once we reached there, our teacher helped us to select a comfortable place to sit. After eating fruits, we played a lot of games. Our teacher also played with us. After that, she took us for a walk round the garden.

In the afternoon, we were all hungry and tired. We sat together and had our lunch. Then our teacher read out lovely stories. We all sat together listening to her. After an hour she took us back to the bus and we all came back to the school.

I will never forget this picnic, as this was the first time that I went for a picnic with my school friends and had great fun.

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