Essay on My First Day In School

My first day in school

When I was 5 years of age my father admitted me to a school. I still remember that day. It was an interesting day for me. My mother woke me early in the morning. After breakfast, I put on my school dress.

My elder sister also attended school and I was admitted to the same school. My father took me there by car. We walked to the school compound. The school was full of boys and girls. When the school started my father took me to the Principal. He admitted me to the first grade. After that, my father bade goodbye to the Principal and went away.

I was led to my class toom. The class teacher was a kind lady. She made me sit in the second row. She asked the other students to be kind to me. They were nice and friendly. The teacher tough me a few lessons.

In the recess, my sister took me to the tuck shop. She bought me a bun and a cup of tea. After that, I went to my class. An hour later the school bell rang. At 1.30 the school was over. My sister took me home. My mother greeted us happily.

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