Flood are a natural phenomenon which has resulted in various geographical features. They benefit mankind by forming alluvial soil but they also cause tremendous havoc to human life and property.

Floods are natural calamity and take place regularly in certain areas. When they are expected, they do not cause much harm. In endemic areas people are prepared. They even take advantage of floods to enrich their soil, trap fish and move logs of wood. But when they are not expected, they cause until misery. The rush of water demolishes and carries away the houses, top-soil, men and animals. It inundates large area under cultivation, wrecks public services and makes life miserable.

Floods, however, have always brought out the best in men. They organize rescue and relief for people whom they do not know and from whom they expect no personal gain. Voluntary organizations arrange relief camps and provide medical facilities.

Floods also bring out the worst in men to the fore. People and politicians try to cash on the sufferings of people. They make collections in the name of relief and misappropriate for personal benefit.

The increasing incidence of floods can be definitely brought down by construction of dams and forestation in the catchments areas. Desilting of rivers in the plains will also help. But these things can be done by government alone as these require big resources, organization and manpower. But people can also contribute at individual level by planting trees and preventing denudation of vegetable cover.

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