Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy, while her English parents were spending a vacation there. They give her the Christian name Florence, to remember her place of birth. Her rich aristocratic parents wanted her to be a fashionable lady.

But Florence wanted to be a nurse and got herself trained in a nursing school in Germany. When she returned to England she set up a training college for nurses.

She found that the condition of the wounded was hopeless there.
They were not cared for, and the doctors there had no medicine and instruments. Florence worked day and night and put everything right within a few weeks.

She and her nurses treated the wounded, provided them with good food and recreation. She got a lot of help from the government to make the condition of the soldiers better: Thus she saved a lot of lives.

The soldiers used to call her ‘The Lady of The Lamp’ because she visited their wards at night with a lamp to see whether they were all right. Florence Nightingale introduced the famous “Nightingale Oath”.

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