Essay on Free Year After School

Introduction – Planning- Gardening – House Improvement – Reading – Conclusion.

This year I will appear in the Senior Secondary Examination, and since I am underage by more than 6 months or so, I am not likely to get admission, in any college or course in engineering or medical etc.

I intend spending this time of about a year and a quarter, in planning and later fulfilling my wishes, which I have been not able to cherish, so far during that last few years.

My first hobby is gardening. I intend growing plants of flowers. Fruits, shrubs, and vegetables also, in the big spacious yard, lying around our big bungalow, in the cantonment area.

Since my father has not looked to some of the urgent needs and improvement in our house due to his transfers from place to place, in the army service, I would be able to look to the house improvement work too.

Reading is my last hobby, and I have collected a lot of titles during the past three-four years. I would read all of them this year.

Hence, I can say this year and a quarter would prove to be a boon to me and my family. I would enjoy my hobbies and complete some urgent duties also.

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