Good Habits

Good Habits

What is a habits? That is a thing that a person does often almost without thinking. That may be good or bad, pleasing or irritating, productive or destructive.

What are the good habits and what are the bad habits?
Sleeping till late in the morning is a bad habit. Chewing meals quietly is a good habit. Chewing meals noisily is a bad habit. Doing today’s work, today itself is a good habit and putting off today’s work to tomorrow is a bad habit.
Like that we can name and describe a lot of good habits and bad habits, pleasing habit and irritating habit and productive habits and destructive habits.

What habit are more easier for us to from? Good habits or bad habits.
The natural trend or inclination of men is to follow the easy or less resistive path.
Sleeping till very late on a cold morning is more easier and comfortable then getting up early. Chewing meals noisily is easier then doing all of them today itself.

Although the bad habits are easy to from, they yield disadvantageous and destructive results.
Although the good habits are difficult to from, once we have formed them, they breed better results and benefits.
Getting up early in the morning is a good, pleasing and productive habit. “The morning has a gold in it’s mouth” is a well-known saying among the Germans.

It is also said that “God gives help and lends his hand to him who rises early in the morning” The English men say that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a men healthy, wealthy and wise”. The saying that “The energetic men and his bed are soon parted” is an eternal truth.

Getting up late in the morning is a bad, irritating and destructive habit. Philosopher Whately, has condensed all the disadvantageous and destructive results bred by late rising in the flowing brief saying.
“Lose an hour in the morning and you will be all day hunting for it.”

Chewing meals noisily is a bad and irritating habit. It annoys others and makes other detest for you.
Doing today’s work, today itself is a good, pleasing and productive habit. It leaves you with enough time and a fresh mind to attend to your other work and permits a sound sleep at night. As an indian saint has said “The two most beautiful things in the world are, the starry sky above us and the feeling of duty in us.” It will give you happiness and encouragement.
Putting off today’s work to tomorrow is a bad, irritating and destructive habit. It steals your time and piles an accumulation of work for tomorrow. It destroys your happiness too, because arrears of undone work is always weighing your head.

Just as the body is made of cells, the character is made of habits. A bundle of good habits from a good character.
“Character is a men’s best capital.” “The crown and glory of life is character.”
The following saying stresses the value of good habits.
“A men without character is a workman without tools, a soldier without arms, a traveler without money.”

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