Many people don’t know that good health brings mental alertness. We should know how to keep fit and live longer. By eating the right food one is able to secure good health. We should develop knowledge about vitamins and minerals in our food and should be aware of the need to keep fit. A famous doctor says, ‘Man does not die, but kills himself.’ Little by little, we kill ourselves by taking wrong food like sugar, impure water, and heavily spiced food which harms our system and breed diseases.

To bring magic in you include carrot, onions, garlic and plenty of leafy vegetables in your diet.

It takes more than food to be healthy. Romans and Greeks used to take a bath of olive oil, salt water bath and a bath of milk and honey for longevity.

Everything in life is as rhythmical, as a wave upon wave on the seashore. To cultivate rhythm, go in the sunshine and take exercise, skipping, logging and enjoy vitality and radiant health. To remain young in spirit, isolate yourself completely and meditate.

Meditation makes you incredibly calm and you will never be touchy and irritable. So eat carefully, take exercise for health and cultivate mental energy for a better life.

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