I love pigeons. During our weekends my father used to take me to a place near the market where there are lots of pigeons.

Whenever I see them, I wish if I were a bird and I could also fly like them. With my wings, I can fly above all the buildings in the city.

I can see our school and playground from the top. Planes will fly near me and I can wave hands to pilot.

I will collect small things nearby and will build a nest a top of a tree.

I will fly to the top of our nearby mango tree and eat a lot of mangoes and will dive into the nearby stream and will have a cool shower.

Flying high, I can enjoy the fresh breeze and watch the beautiful sunset from the top.

I will fly around blue oceans and beautiful mountains. If I were a bird, I would have really enjoyed flying around our wonderful nature.

I wish gold gives me golden wings one day which can appear and disappear when I wish.

Speech on: If I were a bird

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