Essay on Leisure – make good use of it

Leisure is an important need in our lives. It can be expressed as ‘taking a little rest’, or relaxing after a hard day’s work
One’s profession cannot be considered as his/her leisure time activity. For example, a professional photographer may be busy even in his/her leisure time.

Modern city life is just like a contest with so much of rush and stress. Everybody is overworked. Nobody has time to enjoy the natural environment and give a rest to the mind and body. As a result, many are suffering from various physical and mental disorders. So, it is important to spend some time leisurely.
Leisure doesn’t mean spending time for senseless work, such as smoking, gambling, gossiping and consuming liquor or ‘being drunk’ it’s an abuse of leisure.

Leisure can restore our energy, comfort us and make us strong to work again. Going on picnics, taking long walks, reading useful books are good leisure time activities. If we waste our time and overtax our minds and bodies, time shall waste us. By spending some time leisurely, we will be able to prolong our lives and also be comfortable.

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