Leo Nicholov Tolstoy born in Russia on 28 August 1828, was a world-famous free thinker. Philosopher and a great novelist too. He is still being respected by literates all over the world.

Bron to an aristocratic family in a rural province called Polyana of soviet Russia, Leo went to a very good school in the area. But he was a poor student.

Later he started writing short stories and novels. His first novel was published when he was 24 years old. It was named ‘The Childhood’. “The war and peace”, “Mother” and “Anna Karenina” are three other of his famous novels.

Although Tolstoy was born an aristocrat he disliked the snobbish behavior of the aristocratic society. Thus all his works of literature were partial to the humble common man.

Leo Tolstoy is said to have been an unattractive person. His family life too has not been peaceful. In the end, this great son of Russia died as a desolate man on a railway platform in a faraway town on the 7th of November 1910.

Short Story About: Leo Tolstoy, The great Russian Author

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