Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha was one of the greatest religious teachers who ever lived in the world. He was born in India. Before he became Buddha, his name was Siddhartha.

His parents were kind Suddhodana and queen Mahamaya. King Suddhodana ruled at Kapila Wasthupura.

A few days after price Siddartha’s queen Mahamaya died. Since then he was adopted by his foster – mother Mahaprajapathi Gothami.

Prince Siddhartha was the heir to the throne after kind Suddhodana’s death. Therefore he was taught to become a king.

Prince Siddhartha led a Joyful life during his young age. Prince Siddhartha married a very beautiful princess named Yasodara. Their only son was Prince Rahul

As time went on prince Siddartha began to realize the suffering of human life. He thought how to get rid of these sufferings.

One day when he was walking in his Royal Garden, he saw a sick man, an old man, and a corpse. He realized that birth, life, and death, bring only sorrow to mankind. Thereafter he decided to find a way to overcome the cause of suffering.

Therefore on one full moon day, he abandoned his family. He mounted on his faithful horse Kanthaka and reached the bank of the river Yamuna. There he shed his royal robes, cut his hair and become a monk.

After much perseverance, he sat under a Bo-tree near Gaya and attained Buddhahood. Since then he was also called the enlightened one. He preached his doctrine to the people all over India. He set up a different group of disciples called bhikkus. Then preach his doctrine to laymen.

Lord Buddha lived for about eighty years and passed away on a full moon day in the month of Wesak.

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