Essay on Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

Descended from a brewing family, Luis was born in the 27 th of December 1822 in the eastern French city of Dole. After completing his preliminary and Secondary education in two government colleges, he entered in a school in Weslans and obtained his art degree in 1840 and later the Science degree in 1842 from Royal College. Thereafter he joined a teacher’s college in France where he got his Master of Science degree in 1845 and his Doctor of Science degree in 1847.

He was, actually a marvelous man. The reason is that he had spent his childhood among parents and friends who were engaged in sculpture and art work, although he later became a great scientist.

He changed to science from arts at the age of 26, and produced reports of his experimental research to the Science Academy in France. His main discoveries were, ways of safe keeping of food items for a longer time. He proved that food items are difficult to be protected for a long time, because of bacteria.

Pasteur’s discoveries contributed immensely, not only to the exchange of goods in the commercial world, but also to the brewing of beer and wine. Those experiments also paved the way for the production of sugar and the possibility of marking use of yeast for liquor.

In the year 1948 he became the Professor of Physics and later was awarded the professorship of Chemistry in the Stiranbar University. He also became head of the Modern Science Faculty of the Lity University in 1863 and made great contributions to the field of science, assisting both theoretical and practical scientific ways to modern science.

He conducted evening classes for factory workers while building inter-relationships between them and institutions in the technical field.

Pasteur made way to France to earn a large amount of foreign exchange by production of wine with introducing new ways to keep them safe for a long periods. This era in France was known as the “Pasteur era”.

He made the greatest contribution to the field of medicine when he proved that various vaccinations could eradicate diseases. The dreadful disease like cholera could be suppressed because of his vaccination system. Other diseases such as rabies, also could be prevented, because of his vaccinations.

He was the pioneer of the world famous silk cloth.

Pasteur was a very kind person and a great scientist who rendered yeoman service to the mankind until 20 th of September 1890, the day he expired.

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