Introduction – Change – Professional – ideas – Fashions and look – Parties and Pastime – Conclusion.

Gone are the days when girls used to hide behind the four walls of a house. They did not go to study then, and confined themselves to house duties. At best, they were taught how to write a letter, managing household accounts and reading the scriptures.

Now a great change has taken place. Girls not only read and write, but try to get a job also bank, store, school or hospital.

Their ideas are now inclined to be wholly professional for computers, telephones, nursing, teaching, sales and even medical and engineering.

But over above that all, girl are more swayed away by the latest in fashions, and for their charming appearance and looks. Hairdos, facials, make-ups, skin-therapy, lotions, creams, baths, yoga, herbs and dieting all attract too much of their time.

They wish to spend their time now more in parties and concerts, and wish to dine in a posh hotel or restaurant, almost daily, if their purse so allows, and their family also can afford.

Thus it can be seen that rearing and bearing of children is not liked by them at all and nurses and nannies are much in demand. Girls today wish to be ultra modern, very rich and up-to-date in fashions and feasting.

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