Essay on my computer

My computer is very special to me. I got it as a birthday gift from my parents last year. My computer has a monitor which looks like a television screen. It has a central processing unit. It also has a mouse which is used to move the cursor. It also has a speaker.

With my mother’s help, I have learnt how to type words using the keyboard. I have also learnt how to draw pictures on the computer. With the help of my computer, I am able to do my school projects quickly. I am able to gather a lot of information on various topics from internet, and make beautiful projects. My father showed me the Seven Wonders of the World on the computer screen through the internet. It was truly amazing!

Sometimes, with the help of my parents, I chat with my cousins staying in other countries. We also send pictures and letters to each other through e-mail. I want to learn more about computers and make the best use of this wonderful birthday gift.

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