My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

I get up early in the morning. After I wake up, I wish my parents. I then go and brush my teeth. I have a bath and dress up for school. I then eat breakfast with my parents. After the breakfast, I go to the bus stop to catch my school bus.

I reach school at eight in the morning and attend my classes. At midday, we have a recess. I eat my snack with my friends and play games with them. After recess I get back to my class. I return home at two p.m. and then take my lunch. After lunch, I take a nap and then finish my homework.

In the evening, I go to play with my friends. I come back home and finish my lessons. At eight o’clock we have dinner. After dinner my father tells me stories. I go to sleep at ten o’clock. Before going to sleep I brush my teeth and wish my parents ‘goodnight’. This is my daily routine.

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