My Dream

All of us dream of becoming famous when we grow up. My dream is to become a pilot. One day I want to fly a big airplane.

On my last birthday, my father gifted me a toy plane. I wish I could sit inside it and fly high up in the sky.

I love the big aircraft t the airport. It really excites me when I think of flying like a bird in the sky. As a pilot, I will be able to fly above the white clouds and travel around the globe with different people.

I am ready to study and work hard to fulfill my dream of flying high among the stars.

With my mother’s help, I have made a big collection of different models of planes. Some of them are small, some are big, and some have fans on their head.

I would like my mother and father to be the first ones to fly with me when I become a pilot.

I am proud of my dream. One day I shall fulfill my dream and become a pilot.

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