Essay On My family

My family is small. There are four members in my family. They are my parents, my sister and I. My father is a doctor. My mother is a teacher. My sister is elder to me. She studies in the eighth grade I m in the fourth grade. Both of us attend the same school. My father has a car. Every morning he drops us at school.

After school, we come home by bus. My father is a jolly person. In the evenings he tells us many fresh and new stories. He also helps us in our studies.

My mother is a hard working woman. After coming home from school she has much work to do. She bathes us and prepares our food. She also participates in social activities. Therefore she is popular among women.

Women always come to get her advise and is often seen with them.

My father comes home late. He attends to many patients and has no time to go out.

My parents are loving and kind.

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