Essay on My Favorite Pet

My Favorite Pet

My favorite pet is different from that of my friends. On my seventh birthday, my father bought me a little goldfish. We kept it in a glass bowl on my table. Since then it has been my best friend.

I call my fish Goldie. It is very beautiful. It has a golden tail and lovely fins. Its big black eyes are a treat to look at. It swims in the bowl like a mermaid.

I share all my secrets with my goldfish. I make sure that I feed it on time.

When I go to school, my mother looks after it. I miss it a lot when I am not at home. All my friends love it too. I wish I could play with it more often and take it along with me wherever I go. But I cannot take it out of the water.

My father has promised to buy a big aquarium for Goldie, as it has grown too big for its small bowl.

I hope Goldie will be happy in its new home. I also want to get some more friends for it, so that it does not feel lonely when I am not at home.

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