My mother’s name is Anita. She is not fair and as well as no dark. I like her appearance very much. So I believe and I feel that she must be the most beautiful woman in the world. Actually, she is very kind to me and rest of the family members. She is very careful of our hygiene. When we get ill she is unrest. Sometimes she spends nights and nights without sleeping. She always works hard to give us a good education. She takes us to school and brings back from the school.

My mother starts her day work early in the morning preparing our meals. She is the busiest person in the house. She has a lot of work to do but she never gets angry with the lord of work. I understood it because when works she sometimes mutters a song very softly.

She always tries to keep the house neat and clean. Sometimes getting angry she shouts us when we turn the house upside down. Very soon he anger goes with the wind and sprang up to her usual kindness. At that time I feel to embrace her. So I feel that mother is the prettiest person ever I have had in my life. I cannot think of a life without her. I love her more than my life.

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