Essay on My Neighbor

Blessed are those who have good neighbors. I am lucky to have Mr. David as my next door neighbor. He is every inch a gentle man. He is very helpful to all.

Mr. David is a wealthy businessman. He is very intelligent. He has two pet dogs. In spite of being rich he is not arrogant. He speaks to every one and is generous and kind.

Mr. David has four children-two sons and two daughters. The eldest son helps him in the business. The second son is of my age and studies in a public school. His daughters are students of class nine and seven. His father also lives with him.

All the members of his family are good. His father is very kind and religious. His children are good natured and have good manners. They are good at students too. Whenever I have any problem, I go to Charies, the second son, and he always helps solve it.

On festivals like Christmas, Mr. David arranges for a get-together for all the neighbors in the common park. At times it is contributory and times the entire expenditure is borne by him.

Mr. David and the members of his family are very co-operative and helpful. They have forget a kind of family feeling among the neighbors.

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