Essay on My School Library

Essay on my school library

My school has a very big library. It is on the ground floor of the school building. It has hundreds of books. It has books on all subjects. It also has a number of storybooks and magazines.

Inside the library, there are rows of tables and chairs. Big cabinets are kept all around the library. Books are alphabetically arranged in these cabinets.

Students of all classes visit the library as per schedule. We all have library cards which we carry to school every day. We can borrow one book at a time from the school library.

Our librarian is a very nice lady. She has a lot of knowledge about books. She makes sure all books are returned to the library on time. She maintains the library very well. Many a time she helps us in locating and selecting books.

I love to visit my school library, as this is one place where I can sit and study peacefully without any disturbance.

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