During the April holiday, our family went on a trip to Hond-Kong.
When we reached the airport we got on to a tour bus. We went to the hotel and went inside our rooms rested for a while and went shopping.
The next day we went on a city tour. We learned a lot of information. We had lunch in an Indian hotel. After leaving our gabs in our room we went to Disneyland.
I couldn’t believe the characters I saw. Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and lots and lots of other characters.
I got the signature from the characters in my autograph book and also I took photographs with the characters.
There were lots of rides. We even played with water. We watched a Mickey Mouse 3D show. We saw ‘Disney on Parade’ The parade was colorful and beautiful.
Next, we watched ‘The Lion Kind Show.’ We watched a storybook character show. Some of the characters like Mickey, Minnie, Beast, and Beauty acted and danced on the stage. At 8.30 pm there was a fireworks display near the castle. It was really colorful and enjoyable.
I enjoyed all four lands at Disney-Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, and Main Street U. S. A and Adventure Land.
I will never forget this trip in my life.

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