Educating a child is to bring an all-round development of a child’s personality. It means developing and fostering in the child a set of healthy habits which will equip him for an efficient and respectable life in society. If the institutions of the society can inclucate a spontaneous interest and appreciation for orderliness in its young members, it can hope for a better future.

All our scriptures and social thinkers point out to a natural order and rhythm in all creation and other geographical phenomena. The opening chapter in the Bible starts with a story of ‘Chaos” The first act of God was to throw a light upon disorder, and to show how the creation was programmed to create an orderly world. Man is the supreme creation and it is his glory to bring order and find order in the creation of God.

The whole range of knowledge is based on orderliness around us. Astronomy, arithmetic, music and other subjects tell us about the beauty in the disciplined growth. How could a railway be worked without order? What would become of an army without discipline? What is a government for? The government of a country is there for keeping an order. A strong nation is being built with well disciplined society, performing its duty efficiently at all levels.

How to make this noble dream possible in the present day unrest? At first it may cause us some pain or trouble to learn and appreciate discipline. But after some time the order becomes a part of our nature. We, rather feel pain at the disorder. Thus, the order becomes a habit.

Education and personality development courses are oriented around disciplining the energies of man to make the best of him. I may be an artist, or an engineeror running a shop, or an office, but I will do my duty with a feeling of joy, in its order and usefulness.

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