Our Body

Our body is a wonderful creation of God. Nature has assigned different tasks to different body parts. We chew with our teeth, see with our eyes, hear with our ears, feel with our skin, walk with our legs and so on.

All the body parts and organs work in coordination with each other. If we neglect any body part, then the whole body suffers.

Inside our body, there are many systems. We have a digestive system which helps us to digest all the food we eat to give us the energy to work. Our heart beats all day and all night. It beats faster when we run or walk fast. We can feel our heartbeat if we place our hand on the chest. We have a pair of kidneys. They are as important as the heart. They help to clean the blood in our body. We also have a pair of lungs which help us to breathe. We have a brain inside the head which controls all the other organs of the body.

We must take proper and good care of our body since a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.

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