Our Local Market

We have a small market near our house it is our local market. Though it is not very big, one can buy almost everything there.

The marketplace is always crowded. The shops are mostly small in size. Some shops sell fruits and dairy products, some sell groceries, some sell fish, some sell utensils, some sell gift items and stationery. One can also find shops selling electronic goods. There are shops for repairing damaged things also.

In the middle of the market, there is a big medical store. It has all kinds of medicines available.

There is also a nice bakery shop just outside the market. It sells delicious cakes and cookies. I love to go to the market as my mother busy me goodies like candies and cakes.

My mother goes twice a week to the market to buy various things.

This local market has made our lives very easy as all day-to-day items are available at a comfortable distance. The shopkeepers are honest and sell quality products at reasonable prices.

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