Essay on Our School Library

Even since I was admitted to this school, I was very keen to see the spacious hall, where only the students of the higher classes were allowed to go during the lunch hour. To other it was something very important, where only one could go with the prior permission of the class-teachers. But I being a student of class IX, did not have to face that difficulty any more.

It was on July 20, that I got a chance of peeping through the glass-panes of big almirahs. I found out that there were some heavy volumes. It was difficult for me even to move them. Then there were some very small ones also. These were like toys which even my younger brothers and sisters would like to have. Most of the other books were of an average size.

There was an awe inspiring official who appeared to be very busy. I could read from name-plate that he was the librarian. He was having heaps of books on all sides of his table and in shelves. It looked as if he was drowned in a sea of books. Here I remembered.

Alone, alone, all all alone,
-Ancient Mariner

Nearby was the Newspaper Section in which about 20 newspapers of various languages were displayed on newsstands. There were about 60 magazines also on Sports, Science, Current-Affairs, Commerce, Management and Computer Science.

This library had Reference Section for teachers also. In all, there were about 6,000 books on various subjects there. I was happy that I saw the library that day.

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