Mobiles and Ipods-should there use be Restricted?<span class= 0 (0)" />

Mobiles and Ipods-should there use be Restricted? 0 (0)

It is no longer strange to see people in our cities walking along with a hand on one ear. Better still, someone driving and talking to himself, which

Television in our Daily Life<span class= 2 (2)" />

Television in our Daily Life 2 (2)

A television set today is considered as much a part of any household as a refrigerator or a cupboard. It has become one of the most widespread forms

Uses and Abuses of Science<span class= 1 (2)" />

Uses and Abuses of Science 1 (2)

Just as fie is a good slave but a bad master, science too has its positive as well as negative aspects. Science is the most revolutionary thing that

Look Before You Leap<span class= 2 (1)" />

Look Before You Leap 2 (1)

We should think carefully before we do something. We should take precautions and do deep thinking. Then only we should decide to do something. Some people are impulsive

My Hobby<span class= 1 (2)" />

My Hobby 1 (2)

Different people have different hobbies. A hobby is taken up in spare time. It gives us joy in our spare time. My hobby is gardening. I took to

A Scene at a railway Station<span class= 0 (0)" />

A Scene at a railway Station 0 (0)

The railway station presents an interesting scene. There is a great rush at the booking windows. There is also a great rush of passengers at the inquire office.

Lunch Break at School<span class= 0 (0)" />

Lunch Break at School 0 (0)

As soon as the recess bell goes, students rush out of their classrooms. Some students go to the school canteen.  They spend their pocket money and relish sweet

Waiting for the Postman<span class= 0 (0)" />

Waiting for the Postman 0 (0)

We are living in an age of hurry and worry. Day and night, we are busy earning our livelihood. We are miles away from our friends and relatives.

If I were the Principal of Our School<span class= 0 (0)" />

If I were the Principal of Our School 0 (0)

If were the Principal of my school, I would do my best to make my school an ideal institution. I will give attention to discipline. A school cannot

An Exhibition I Have Seen<span class= 0 (0)" />

An Exhibition I Have Seen 0 (0)

Last Sunday I went to see an exhibition. It was organized by the Department of Small-Scale Industries.  There were large crowds of people in the exhibition. They were

Uses of Books<span class= 0 (0)" />

Uses of Books 0 (0)

Books are a great blessing. They are useful to us in many ways. They are our best friends. When we are in trouble, books stand by us and

The Things I Do Not Like<span class= 3 (2)" />

The Things I Do Not Like 3 (2)

Every man has own likes and dislikes. I do not like showy and multi-colored clothes. They give a look of cheapness. I do not like the summer season

The Season I Like Most<span class= 3.6 (32)" />

The Season I Like Most 3.6 (32)

I like spring season most. During this season it is neither too cold nor too hot. In spring, the nights are cold but the days are sunny. Spring

The Clown in a Circus Show<span class= 0 (0)" />

The Clown in a Circus Show 0 (0)

The clown in a circus show plays an important role. He entertains the people. He makes funny gestures and remarks. His appearance too is very funny. He also

An Ideal Teacher<span class= 4 (1)" />

An Ideal Teacher 4 (1)

An ideal teacher knows the art of teaching. He is the master of his subject. He makes his lessons interesting. His method of teaching is convincing and inspiring. 

The Neighbour I Dislike<span class= 3.5 (2)" />

The Neighbour I Dislike 3.5 (2)

A bad neighbor makes a hell of our lives. I have one such neighbour. His name is Ram Lal. he runs a small shop. He has four sons

Childhood Days<span class= 0 (0)" />

Childhood Days 0 (0)

The best years of one’s life are the childhood days. The sweet memories of this period are glorious. They have the freshness of a dream. A child has

Punctuality<span class= 5 (1)" />

Punctuality 5 (1)

Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs. Nothing can be brought to a conclusion without punctuality. Time is the most valuable possession of a man in

Hostel life<span class= 5 (1)" />

Hostel life 5 (1)

Hostel life has many advantages. A large number of students come from villages, towns, and cities and they stay in a hostel. Students stay in hostels and they

A Policeman<span class= 4 (3)" />

A Policeman 4 (3)

A policeman is a familiar figure. He is found everywhere in his uniform. He performs his duty in the city street, railway platforms, inter-state bus stands and at