All our prophets us to lead a simple life as it give more pleasure than the life of rich people. “simple life” saysthe prophet Mohammed, “Set my heart on high thoughts.”

It is a good thing that so many people in Europe, America and elsewhere have, during the recent years, come to see how much more pleasant and sensible is the simple life than one, which is given over to much spending, much show and much vanity. Men and women who have money enough to buy expensive thing will forbear from wasting their riches in this way. They enjoy simple dress and adorn their houses with necessary furniture. People who work hard are the best servants of the humanity live in a quiet frugal manner which keeps them in better health and enable them to take more active part in the world’s work.

I consider it a sin to waste money on personal pleasures. Whoever, spends too much on luxury is wasting stores which might be used for the feeding, clothing and maintaining of his poorer neighbours. We should make our function simple and on all important occasions we should remember the suffering humanity, and allot some part of our treasure to charity. Great people have taught the value of austerity by living a simple life. it would be rather nice to develop courage to lead a simple life and determine to do good work.

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