Snakes usually creep. They do not have limbs. Snakes are seen almost in every part of this country. We know them well. There are many kinds of snakes. The boas and pythons are the largest of them. Some of them are about 10 to 20 feet long. They are not poisonous. Their food in goats, deer and rabbits. Whenever they catch the prey, they are killed by crushing.

These types of snakes are found in African forests. Some snakes are poisonous. Cobras, wipers and krait are some of them. In the jungles many die due to snake bites.

Snake do not sting, they bite. They have poisonous liquid is entered to the wound of it’s victim. There are snakes that are not poisonous. They are harmless and can be seen everywhere. Their food is frogs and eggs.

Speech on: Snakes

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